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Build search UIs with no-code, tune search relevance with point-and-click, and author search middlewares with JS ⚡️ offers a supercharged search platform

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Build engaging search UIs

with your favorite FE stack and ship 10x faster ★ 5,000 stars    ↓ 1,000,000 downloads

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Configure Relevance with NoCode

Detect user intent, set search settings, user language, synonyms, business rules and deploy in seconds.

point-and-click Relevance

Configure advanced search relevance settings with's control plane

Our awesome features
Query Rules

Use query rules to detect user intent, enhance search, merchandise, or add custom business logic

Our awesome features

Enrich your user search experience with synonyms - import in bulk or add from UI.

Our awesome features
UI Builder

Build search and recommendations UIs for your e-commerce storefront, site search with UI Builder.

Our awesome features

Improve Search ROI with actionable analytics

Out-of-the-box search analytics and insights enable continuous relevance and engagement improvements.

Out-of-the-box Analytics

Understand engagement opportunities and gaps through in-depth analytics on your users, searches, filters and results

Our awesome features
Filter By: Custom Events

Tailor analytics to your use-case by tracking custom events, then visualize these right from the dashboard

Our awesome features
Popular and Recent Suggestions

Incorporate popular suggestions and recent suggestions to help your users find relevant products faster

Our awesome features
Actionable Insights

Get tailored recommendations to improve your search ROI: Fix relevance, performance and content gaps

Our awesome features

Search technology that scales with you


ReactiveSearch supports querying to Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, MongoDB Atlas Search and Solr.

Blazing Fast Search

ReactiveSearch's application layer cache can improve search throughput by up to 4x.

Deployment Flexibility

Available in 16 global regions with 2x failover protection by design. Or self-host with Docker or Kubernetes.

Granular Access Controls

Set granular access controls based on routes or fields, create multiple special purpose keys. Set rate limits, restrict by IPs and more - out of the box.

Collaborate with your team

Create access policies for your team members to securely collaborate using the control plane.


All paid plans come with chat based support. Dedicated support plan (SLA based) can be added.

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