Supported search engines

Adopt and extend your existing search solution

Author relevant search experiences with low-code and no-code

Build suggestions, faceted search, geo search, recommendations, personalized feeds all in one

Author search pipeilne

Write and orchestrate performant search backend with JavaScript. Templates to get started ->

Our awesome features
Build search UI

Build and publish a search interface with no-code. Or embed search component into your existing search interface. Version controlled, extendable with code ->

Our awesome features
Extend your search

Adopt and extend Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Solr, MongoDB Atlas Search or OpenAI based search solutions with ReactiveSearch ->

Our awesome features

Improve Search ROI with actionable analytics

Out-of-the-box search analytics and insights enable continuous relevance and engagement improvements

Out-of-the-box Analytics

Understand engagement opportunities and gaps through in-depth analytics on your users, searches, filters and results

Improve Search with Analytics Data

Incorporate popular, recent, featured and FAQ as suggestions to enable your users to find relevant results faster

Know user intent with Q&A

Understand user intent with Q&A feedback from users asking questions in natural language

Actionable Insights

Get tailored recommendations to improve your search ROI: Fix relevance, performance and content gaps

Search technology that scales with you

Search Connectors

Out of the box support for OpenAI, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch and Solr. Or write your own connector.

Blazing Fast Search

Improve search and AI Answer throughput by up to 100% with a configurable cache layer.

Deployment Flexibility

Available for AWS and GCP in 16 global regions. Or self-host with Docker.

Granular Access Controls

Set granular access controls with Basic Auth and JWT authentication with point and click.


All paid plans come with engineer support. Choice of dedicated support plans.

Bring your team

Configure access policies for your team members to securely collaborate on the ReactiveSearch platform.

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