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ReactiveSearch is an open-source, declarative API for building search experiences powered by Elasticsearch.

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Our awesome features

Declarative API

Capture search intent without exposing DSL

3x more compact queries and no nesting hell

Typed API, easy to validate and debug

Supports search, term, range and geo queries

ReactiveSearch Ecosystem

UI Components on your favorite stack, built with ReactiveSearch API. ★ 5,000 stars    ↓ 1,000,000 downloads

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Hundreds of search experiences are powered by ReactiveSearch

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Elasticsearch is the most popular search engine of choice for creating web/mobile search experiences due to its powerful query language. ReactiveSearch provides an open-source, declarative API for Elasticsearch's query language so that it can be safely exposed over public and insecure environments. ReactiveSearch works with any Elasticsearch cluster. This can be hosted with appbase.io, Elastic Cloud, AWS OpenSearch or any other services.

You can use ReactiveSearch API server with Elastic.co distributed Elasticsearch or with Apache 2.0 licensed OpenSearch. Go to our getting started guide for Elasticsearch. Go to our getting started guide for OpenSearch.

ReactiveSearch can be run on any local or cloud environments. We provide a Docker image and Docker compose templates to make it easy to run. See our getting started guide for how to run it. The source code is also accessible via our Github project for those interested in building it from source or contributing.

ReactiveSearch API is Apache 2.0 licensed as well as free to use (as in beer).

You can file an issue (bug or enhancement request) at github.com/appbaseio/reactivesearch-api. We also welcome contributions. :-) For usage questions and community answers, use our Github discussions.

ReactiveSearch is maintained by appbase.io. If you ❤️ using ReactiveSearch, we offer a commercial version of ReactiveSearch that offers search insights, search relevance control plane. Visit appbase.io We also offer SLA based support for ReactiveSearch. Contact us at [email protected] with your support use-case.

Get Started with ReactiveSearch

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