Why go with ReactiveSearch.io vs Algolia?

Unlike Algolia's proprietary tech, ReactiveSearch.io is built on top of Elasticsearch - the leading open-source search engine. Our no lock-in approach ensures that search doesn't become a cost center for you as you scale.

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Developer-first experience with Industry-leading open source projects.

ReactiveSearch.io provides a developer first experience to building search

Visually configure search

Controls to create a multi-language, typo tolerant, relevant search experience. Merchandise, add synonyms, create query rules, show popular suggestions and more.

Algolia's relevance strategy is implemented as a decision tree using tie-breakers. This requires continuously addressing relevance edge-cases as you scale.

ReactiveSearch.io benefits from over 20+ years of work done on relevance by Lucene and Elasticsearch - industry-leading search systems.

ReactiveSearch.io implements its relevance strategies transparently on top of Elasticsearch. This lets a user have complete control over customizing them.


search relevance control plane from appbase.io
UI builder

Ease of development

All the ReactiveSearch.io toolings: ReactiveSearch UI kit, REST APIs, visual search tester, enable you to deploy search experiences in days v/s months.

Customize search result pages and cards in just a few clicks and build Recommendation widgets using NoCode tools. Preview changes before going live.

Create seamless search and navigation for all CMS platforms like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, BigCommerce, and even Custom Sites.


Actionable Analytics

Measure the business impact of search with popular search terms, CTRs, conversions, and more. Use insights to optimize the ROI of search.

Visualize the top searches your users are making, and understand how they are performing by diving into search and click analytics. Reduce content gaps by understanding the no results searches.

Learn about the most popular facets and values your users are using to filter their search, and see how they are performing.


search and click analytics
Access control

Build secure search experiences

Build secure search experiences with fine-grained access policies using API credentials, user management and Role Based Acces Control (RBAC).

Create multiple keys, each with specific intent. Set ACLs, restrict by HTTP Referers and IP sources, set rate limits. Rotate credentials programmatically.

Hide sensitive and irrelevant data from appearing in search results to enhance security and performance.


Deploy your way

ReactiveSearch.io provides deployment flexibility: you can choose to host with our cloud, or self-host alongside your infrastructure. ReactiveSearch.io is built on top of Elasticsearch - the most popular engine, which is also open-source.

As a cloud service

Host ReactiveSearch.io with GCP or AWS in 16 global regions.

Our awesome features
Bring Your Elasticsearch

Run ReactiveSearch.io alongside your existing Elasticsearch Cluster.

Our awesome features
Self Host

Run ReactiveSearch.io on your cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Our awesome features
no constraints on indexing

No indexing and exporting constraints

Get a dedicated cluster with ReactiveSearch.io at the cost of a shared Algolia cluster. Available in 16+ global regions. Algolia limits the max record size to 10KB for standard and premium plans. This often implies modeling workarounds for your use-case.

ReactiveSearch.io doesn't impose a record size limit. This lets you model data as per your use-case.

ReactiveSearch.io pricing plans are based on storage in GBs and not by total records. At scale, you can save up to 10x with ReactiveSearch.io.

Export data from multiple data sources.

Elasticsearch all the way

100% Elasticsearch API compatibility. Install Kibana, custom analyzers and work with tools from the entire ecosystem.

ReactiveSearch.io can be deployed with either open-source or licensed Elasticsearch. It also works with Open Distro.

ReactiveSearch.io is wire compatible with Elasticsearch APIs. You can install additional plugins, clients, and it will just work.

100% Elasticsearch API compatible
100% Elasticsearch API compatible

Get support on all plans

Algolia's premier support is only available as part of their enterprise package.

Algolia's premier support is only available as part of their enterprise package.

ReactiveSearch.io's dedicated support with SLAs is available as an addon and is accessible to startups, SMBs as well as enterprises.

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