Case Study: HireCloud

Instant search results from helps HireCloud make recruiting simpler for executives by giving access to over 120 million candidate profiles.

HireCloud uses to deliver relevant search to HR professionals
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HireCloud uses to enable search over 120 million records

About HireCloud

HireCloud was conceived and engineered to dramatically reduce the time required to source qualified prospective applicant for the recruiting industry. Combining a database of 120 Million professional profiles with real-time search feedback and an "all you can eat" approach to searching for the most appropriate candidates, HireCloud strives to be the utility the recruiting and Human Resources market needs to cost effectively get job fill started.

Main Challenge

"The primary challenges faced in building the solution was several-fold. First we had to define a very high availability, performant and scalable technology stack to store the millions profiles critical to our recruiter and Human Resource clients," explains Robert Keenan, CEO at HireCloud. Second, the tech-stack had to deliver as near instantaneous results as possible. The vision was for their clients to input broad search parameters and refine results repeatedly and incessantly pulling hits from the results as they required. The HireCloud team wanted to eliminate the "Submit" button and make every choice/selections options instantly return results and allow clients one-click option to place ideal results on their results list. “On top of all this, as a company, we are deeply committed to Open-Source technology and wanted to ensure we invested in tools that reflected our belief in the Open-Source community,” Robert continued.

The Solution

HireCloud started using WordPress for the public face of the website, Elasticsearch for a Flexible and powerful faceted search engine that is hosted with The frontend app is built with Reactivesearch UI components. Like all early stage startups, cost was an important consideration for the solution. With, HireCloud not only got their envisioned solution but at a very manageable costing. To support smooth execution, the and HireCloud development teams worked closely together to better understand the challenges of the project. Robert continues "Recruiters and HR professionals on our platform now have a super-responsive search that helps them narrow down the right people from 120M+ candidates based on a just handful of parameters." Naturally, support for such a project is an ongoing process and is still a crucial extension of the team at HireCloud assisting with their technological evolution.

"Recruiters and HR professionals on our platform now have a super-responsive search that helps them narrow down the right people from 120M+ candidates based on a just handful of parameters."

Robert Keenan

The Results

“The result of this joint effort is an extraordinarily fast, responsive multifaceted search tools that delivers results in milliseconds,” exclaimed Robert. Beta tests to date are proving the value of the data when recruiting and HR professionals are given unbridled access to a large, up-to-date resource of qualified candidates. Robert and their team are starting to explore how these faster and more accurate results will ease the chore of candidate sourcing. HireCloud’s developing business also means that they need a search technology that can scale to fit their evolving product. With, they have a much more robust search experience than they could get with just Elasticsearch. The HireCloud team is also constantly looking at new ways to leverage more offerings to support their technology.

“In our partnership with, we have little doubt the future looks extremely bright.”

Robert Keenan

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