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Somm uses to power search on their platform.
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We had the opportunity to catch up with David Kong, Founder of, a Virtual Sommelier. began by helping restaurants convert their wine lists into a retail shop in less than 5 minutes, completely not-for-profit. Visit them over at, buy wines and help local restaurants. “I started because I wanted people to have a better experience ordering wines when they go out for their meals. We have the world’s biggest database of wines at restaurants that people can choose from.

"So, when someone makes a plan for going out for dinner, they can access wine lists from our platform to help them make the correct choice. They get information about which wine producers the restaurant has, what are the average prices, vintages, and how many varieties of wines they carry. When COVID hit we added a buy button and became one of the largest wine markets. We’re currently working with producers and give them vital data they need to run their business by effectively being a CRM for distributors and producers,” explains David.

Main Challenge

When starting out with, David knew that Elasticsearch was going to be the obvious choice for powering their search. After trying MongoDB, the team figured that it was not the right solution for the search use-case. David found out about and ReactiveSearch after coming across building a movie store based site search using React.

The Solution and Results's search is powered using ReactiveSearch and hosted using a combination of (in Bring your own cluster mode) with Elasticsearch hosted with Elastic Cloud. “Starting out, there were a few things like accents (of which there are many in wine names!) and maps that we struggled with. Then, later on, when I got in touch with your team that was a great confidence boost because now we knew that anything that needed to be done, we would be able to do it. Having some experts on React and ReactiveSearch help you through problems that arise was way better than allocating extra time and effort trying to figure it out,” says David.

"ReactiveSearch was the only platform that could have allowed us to get a great product out to restaurants in a matter of just 48 hours. The team has provided extraordinary support throughout the process."

David Kong

"As far as implementing, it felt very intuitive. The great thing about your components were that they worked right out-of-the-box and took very little time to get set up so that was a fantastic,” continues David. features that leverages today:

Somm uses to power search on their platform.

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