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Deliver an Engaging Search Experience with

Relevant Search for All Businesses

Create a relevant site search and access to analytics for business optimization.

Priced for Early Stage Startups

Specially priced access to a robust suite of tools to deliver a customized search experience.

Onboarding Support

A white glove onboarding support to accelerate your search RoI.

The perfect search solution for improving search engagement and driving conversions

Use's industry-leading UI kits with over 10,000+ Github stars and 500,000+ downloads to build the best app search experience for any platform.

Fine tune search relevance

Tune search relevance settings with's control plane and deploy the tweaks in realtime without needing a code push.

Our awesome features
Get actionable analytics and insights

Understand what's working and where the content gaps are to drive engagement and conversions via search. Use drill downs and insights to know how to tweak the search relevance settings.

Our awesome features
Access control for Search

Create secure search experiences without getting overwhelmed. Set fine-grained access control policies, rate limits, IP restrictions and more.

Our awesome features
Deployment Flexibility

Choose between hosting in the cloud, bringing your own Elasticsearch and self-hosting

Our awesome features

Eligibility Requirements

Early stage

Upto $2M in funding


Under 2 years old

Small team

10 employees or less

New customer

New user

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