How To Guide: E-Commerce Search

ReactiveSearch for E-Commerce search in action: ✅ Build a search pipeline that applies different types of suggestions and search queries based on the search input length ✅ Apply a fallback query when no results are found ✅ Enrich response from the search engine ✅ Add an AI Answer for top hits ✅ Build a search UI that connects to the pipeline

HireCloud uses to deliver relevant search to HR professionals

Play with the E-Commerce Search UI that we will build with ReactiveSearch in the following steps

Product Used


Power the most demanding search workflows with a declarative authoring format


Build and publish search UIs with no-code, powered by the ReactiveSearch UI kit

AI Answer

Allow users to ask natural language questions, provide a direct answer along with relevant search results

Step 1: Start by browsing your e-commerce data

You can ingest your data with dashboard, CLI or REST API. Read more over here

Step 2: Author the pipeline (search backend)

Step 3: Build the search UI, connect to pipeline and deploy

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