How To Guide: SaaS Search

ReactiveSearch for SaaS search in action: ✅ Build a search pipeline that applies different types of suggestions based on the search input length ✅ Apply a fallback query when no results are found ✅ Enrich response from the search engine ✅ Add an AI Answer for top hits ✅ Build a search UI that connects to the pipeline ✅ Extend the search UI functionalities with VS Code

HireCloud uses to deliver relevant search to HR professionals

Interactive demo of the final version SaaS Search UI that we will build in the following steps

ReactiveSearch Features Used


Power the most demanding search workflows with a declarative authoring format

Studio with offline editing

Build and publish search UIs with no-code and low-code, powered by the ReactiveSearch UI kit

AI Answer

Allow users to ask natural language questions, provide a direct answer along with relevant search results

Step 1: Browse the SaaS search index

You can ingest your data with dashboard, CLI or REST API. Read more over here

Step 2: Author the search backend with ReactiveSearch pipelines

Step 3: Build the search UI, connect to pipeline and deploy

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