Elasticsearch and ReactiveSearch.io

Get the best of Elasticsearch and ReactiveSearch.io with our cloud offering

Platinum Licensed Elastic Features

Get access to platinum licensed Elasticsearch, Kibana features along with a 24x7x365 support coverage.

ReactiveSearch.io control plane

Get reactivesearch.io control plane to configure search relevance, query rules, cache, #NoCode search builder and visualize analytics.

Low Code UI components

Use industry-leading UI components for React, Vue, JavaScript, React Native, and Flutter to build search UIs.

Deliver a Responsive & Scalable Search UX with ReactiveSearch.io

Integrate Search Seamlessly

Cross-platform UI components and libraries to integrate search anywhere. Or use our #NoCode UI builder to get pre-generated search UIs.

Our awesome features
Build Relevant Search

Controls to create a multi-language, typo tolerant, relevant search experience. Set synonyms, create powerful query rules, show analytics driven suggestions.

Our awesome features
Secure Search with Access Controls

Build secure search experiences with fine-grained access policies using API credentials, user management and Role Based Acces Control (RBAC).

Our awesome features
Actionable Analytics

Measure the business impact of search with popular search terms, CTRs, conversions, and more. Use insights to optimize the ROI of search.

Our awesome features
Deployment Flexibility

Run reactivesearch.io in cloud, bring your own Elasticsearch or self-host - the choice is yours.

Our awesome features

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