Vector Search

Enhance your end-user search experience with Vector Search (KNN search), powering text and image search experiences

AI Vector Search: Demo

Interactively play with an AI vector search demo and see how to build it with the ReactiveSearch platform.

HireCloud uses to deliver relevant search to HR professionals

Play with the AI Vector Search UI that we will build with ReactiveSearch in the following steps

Product Used


Power the most demanding search workflows with a declarative authoring format


Build and publish search UIs with no-code, powered by the ReactiveSearch UI kit

AI Answer

Allow users to ask natural language questions, provide a direct answer along with relevant search results

Step 1: Starting with an existing search index, this step uses the vector indexing script to re-index the data with vector embeddings added. Works with an Elasticsearch or OpenSearch index

A hosted replit for the indexing script is available over here

Step 2: Author the pipeline (search backend)

Step 3: Build the search UI, connect to pipeline and deploy