Get blazing fast ⚡️ search performance with a configurable application layer cache applicatio nlayer cache

Innovative businesses use to power their search

Configurable application layer cache

Tailor's cache to your use-case. Shave on an average 100ms in network latencies and 2x your search throughput

Granular caching control

Set caching via dashboard, restrict by indices, or have granular per API request control.

Our awesome features
Configurable Cache Duration

Set TTL that's appropriate for your use-case. Configurable from a minute upto hours.

Our awesome features
In Memory LFU Cache uses Ristretto, a high-performance, contention-free cache that uses smart memory management.

Our awesome features

Deploy Your Way

Run as a cloud service, with an existing Elasticsearch cluster or host it yourself.

Cloud Service

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Bring Your Elasticsearch

Already using Elasticsearch? Run alongside.


Run as a Docker container or a Linux image on your cloud or on premise.

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