ReactiveSearch Pipelines

Power the most demanding search workflows with a declarative authoring format.

Knowledge Graph

Pipeline to merge Google Knowledge Graph response with Elasticsearch’s response

Saved Search

Pipeline to save user searches to a separate Elasticsearch index. Use this as a reference for how to add any kind of side-effects to a search query

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kNN Search

Pipeline to show kNN / vector search on an Elasticsearch index

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User authorization

Pipeline showing how to handle user authorization effectively, i.e. non-authorized requests will get a 401 and only authorized requests return search results

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Search with MongoDB

Pipeline to use MongoDB as a search engine backend

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Search with Solr

Pipeline to use Solr as a search engine backend

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Indexing Pipeline

Pipelines can also used at the time of indexing data. This pipeline uses JavaScript to enrich the indexing data with location details

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Indexing Pipeline for kNN

Pipeline uses a CLIP model to add vectors for certain fields

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Declarative: Config as code

JSON (or YAML) based definition. Define custom JavaScript stages easily.

Author using your favorite IDE and Github

Use Github for authoring pipelines. Use our Github action to deploy on each commit.

One-click deploy

Use our gallery and deploy pipelines with a single click to your own cluster.

Over 20 pre-defined stages

From authorization, analytics, caching, search relevance to search engine connectors, leverage pre-defined stages to quickly author a pipeline from scratch

DE features

Use the []( dashboard for autocompletion, get realtime validation feedback and test pipelines end-to-end with user requests.

Our awesome features

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