Relevant Search

Build relevant search experiences with's control plane or by using our declarative search API.

Build relevant search experiences with's control plane or by using our declarative search API.
ReactiveSearch pipelines

ReactiveSearch Pipelines

Build suggestions, faceted search, geo search, recommendations, personalized feeds all in one.

Author with JavaScript or choose from 20 pre-built stages

Orchestrate stages with a YAML (or JSON) definition

10 use-case templates to get you started with pipelines

AI Answers

Allow users to ask natural language questions, provide a direct answer along with relevant search results.

High-precision answers

Works with ReactiveSearch API

Supported with React and Vue UI components

AI Answer caching, analytics, and curation

AI Answers
language settings

Language Settings

Set the language for your search engine. Over 39 languages are supported.

Set stop words, stemming exceptions and diacritics settings.

Search Settings

Control search relevance in realtime from your dashboard.

Set searchable fields and set weights to boost relevance.

Set query format, advanced search and typo tolerance settings.

Search settings

Set Synonyms

Add synonyms that get applied in realtime to your search.

Set one-way or equivalent synonyms from the dashboard.

Supports bulk synonyms import.

Aggregation Settings

Set aggregation settings in realtime from your dashboard.

Set aggregation fields and type.

Set query format, aggregation sizes and sort preferences.

Aggregation Settings
Result Settings

Result Settings

Control your result settings in realtime from your dashboard.

Set the page size and fields to return.

Control exactly how highlighting works.

Index Settings

Manage shards and replica settings.

Index Settings
Query Rules

Query Rules

Extend your search relevance with query rules.

Set triggers based on index, query, facet and date conditions.

Use the advanced trigger editor to set complex conditions including using regular expressions.

Promote a result, hide specific results, change search behavior, add facets and more.

Rank Feature

Relevance Tuning with Rank Feature

Configure the rank feature based relevance tuning parameters.

Decrease or Increase relevance scores

Saturation, Logarithm, and Sigmoid functions are supported.

Each function takes input parameters that define how they influence the relevance scores.

Build and test search visually

Test search relevancy changes before applying them live.

Test search relevance visually.

Export to CodeSandbox.

Build and test search visually

Create relevant search via declarative APIs

Everything you can do via the dashboard control plane can also be done programmatically.

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