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Build delightful search experiences in record time with ReactiveSearch or Searchbox

Launch and iterate faster

30+ well-designed and performance optimized UI components. Ship faster and solve fewer edge cases.

Works with existing UIs

Already have your own components? Bring them to ReactiveSearch.

Configurable styles

Styled components with rich theming and css class-injection support.

Elasticsearch compatible

Connect with an or Elasticsearch backend

Customizable queries

Query defaults can be customized using the entire power of Elasticsearch's Query DSL

Easy to secure

Secure your search with's fine-grained access controls.

Design Search and Recommendation UIs with NoCode

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Querying and creating search UIs

ReactiveSearch provides plug and play Elasticsearch UI components with a declarative API to query and display search results.

Elasticsearch UI components

Discover the ReactiveSearch family

Libraries built to unleash the full potential of Appbase’s search infrastructure

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