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Build suggestions, faceted search, geo search, recommendations, personalized feeds all in one


Author with JavaScript. 20 pre-built stages and 10 templates to get you up and running ->

Our awesome features
AI Configuration

Connect with OpenAI or Azure OpenAI, configure model, prompt, token and caching limits ->

Our awesome features
UI Builder

Build searchbox, recommendations UI, a complete search interface with no-code. Hosting powered by Vercel or choice of embedding as HTML to any site ->

Our awesome features

Improve Search ROI with actionable analytics

AI search analytics and insights enable continuous relevance and engagement improvements

Out-of-the-box Analytics

Understand engagement opportunities and gaps through in-depth analytics on your users, searches, filters and results

Our awesome features
Capture user intent with Q&A

Understand user intent with Q&A feedback from users asking questions in natural language

Our awesome features
Curate FAQs

Improve AI Answers with a human in the loop, curate as FAQs

Our awesome features

Search technology that scales with you

Powered by OpenAI

Connect with OpenAI or Azure OpenAI, configure model, prompt, token and caching limits.

Blazing Fast Search

Improve search and AI Answer throughput by up to 100% with a configurable cache layer.

Build, host and analyze

Build search UIs with low-code or no-code, choice of hosting with ReactiveSearch, get realtime analytics to impove your search UI.

Granular Access Controls

Set granular access controls with Basic Auth and JWT authentication with point and click.


All paid plans come with engineer support. Choice of dedicated support plans.

Bring your team

Configure access policies for your team members to securely collaborate on the ReactiveSearch platform.

Get the best OpenAI’s capabilities with answers sourced from your search index

Configure OpenAI answers to use context from search engine hits - works with ElasticSearch, OpenSearch, MongoDB, and Solr engines.

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