Deploy supercharged Elasticsearch with Kubernetes and offers the missing control plane for running Elasticsearch in a cloud-native fashion.

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Giving business teams the tools to optimize search ROI in realtime

Fine tune search relevance

Controls to create a multi-language, typo tolerant, faceted, relevant search experience.

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Go beyond search relevance with query rules

Promote products based on a query, category, or a timeframe. Refine the search query, setting view specific facets, detecting user intent, showing a banner, hiding irrelevant products and more.

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Get actionable analytics and insights

Measure the business impact of search with popular search terms, CTRs, conversions, and more. Use insights to optimize the ROI of search.

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NoCode UI Builder

Create search and recommendations UI with a WYSIWYG builder to deliver an engaging search and discovery experience.

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Enabling developers to build a responsive and scalable search UX

Import Data

Import from sources such as JSON, CSV, SQL, Elasticsearch via the dashboard. Import from 10+ sources via our CLI.

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Visual Search Preview

Create a visual search preview with our point-and-click dashboard interface without writing any code. Export code to extend further.

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Build responsive web and mobile search UIs

Pick from our 30+ pre-built components for building web and mobile search experiences. Available for React, Vue, React Native.

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View API logs

Get details of request and response to discover errors and replicate specific behaviors.

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Add fine-grained access control for search out-of-the-box

API Credentials

Don't compromise on security with a single point of failure. Create multiple keys, each with specific intent. Set ACLs, restrict by HTTP Referers and IP sources, set rate limits. Rotate credentials programmatically.

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Role Based Access Control

Segment users by roles specific to your use-case. Each role can be paired with an API credential.

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Field Level Filtering

Exclude sensitive fields from being returned to the users.

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Set User Scopes

Collaborate with your team effectively by providing scoped access to the dashboard.

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Bridging Elasticsearch and Kubernetes gives businesses access to a point-and-click dashboard GUI to visually set search relevance, access controls, and visualize search analytics. Take a look at this easy to follow 10-step walkthrough to deploy Elasticsearch and on Kubernetes.

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