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Deliver a stellar Shopify search experience that engages users and drives conversions.

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Deliver a Relevant Search Experience

Create a hyper-relevant search experience for your E-Commerce store with access to an assortment of search settings in the control plane. Easily update language, search and result settings, synonyms, and more with no-code.

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Leverage Search Merchandising with Query Rules

Promote products based on a query, category, or a timeframe. Perform actions such as refining the search query, setting view specific facets, detecting user intent, showing a banner, hiding irrelevant products and more.

Mobile Friendly Shopify Search

Responsive search technology that offers fantastic ease-of-use to mobile and tablet web users as well. Build native mobile apps with our React Native UI components for a clear and consistent UX. Our components adapt and scale according to device resolutions.

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Make Navigation Intuitive with Dynamic Filters

Help your shoppers find what they're looking for with a filters based navigation experience. Detect user intent, change facets by product category, and design for both web and mobile.

Actionable Analytics Help Uncover ROI Opportunities

Back your decision-making process with accurate search user data. gives realtime reports on popular search terms, no-result queries, filters, results and user geography. Easily implement learnings to improve engagement on your store.

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A/B Test Search Relevance with Ease

Improving search relevance is an iterative process. makes it simpler for Shopify stores to run experiments to determine the best rules set for their stores without any dependence on technology teams. Early Stage Program

Scale faster by building an engaging and relevant search using industry-leading tools and easy to use control plane. Eligible startups get a discounted price on all our plans for the first year.

Relevant Search for All Businesses

Create a relevant site search and access to analytics for business optimization.

Priced for Early Stage Startups

Specially priced access to a robust suite of tools to deliver a customized search experience.

Onboarding Support

A white glove onboarding support to accelerate your search RoI.

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