Build and set search relevance settings in realtime.

Realtime Search

Delight your users with a 10x faster search. Build powerful realtime experiences.

Stream New Results.

Build a googlesque blazing fast search experience - blazing fast, support auto completion, tolerate typos, customize rankings.

Now go beyond - stream new results as data changes.

Build a twitter like live search, show results even after the search.

Return partial results instantly. Compute and stream new results over time.

Set search weights, typo-tolerance, and synonyms in realtime.
Customize your search suggestion box.

Autocompletion. Customize Ranking.

Serve results at the speed of thought and delight your users.

Handle typos, search by facets and rank results by custom attributes.

Build Advanced Search

Do more than full-text search. Search by multiple attributes, database queries, perform analytics.

Build the next generation e-commerce navigation interface. Faceted search, stream new results, discover new deals.

Build powerful search analytics, analyze logs, social media, time series data by different attributes.

Set Query Rules and Functions from the dashboard.
Reactivesearch UI components to help you build faster.

Check out our open-source UI components for building realtime search.


All APIs are authenticated over HTTPS. Create API keys with access control policies tailored to your use case.

Relevant Search's relevant search APIs and deployment flexibility lets you focus on building a great search experience.

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